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Brand: JOBRI

Jobri Jazzy Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Black, Chairs & Tables Used In Home, Office, Or Clinics

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• This ergonomic kneeling chair promotes good posture • Helps builds core strength while you sit • Can be used in home, office, or clinics

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With Jobri Jazzy Kneeling Chair, the pelvis is tilted forward and the spine adopts the correct alignment. Opening the pelvis doesn’t just help correct spinal alignment and posture; there are other benefits such as improved breathing and digestion as well. Digestion is also improved because the internal organs of the abdomen have to contend with less compression when the pelvis is in this open position. With continued use of your kneeling chair, your core and back muscles gradually strengthen. This is because you are engaging your back and abdominal muscles in the absence of a back rest to support you. Kneeling chairs can be used in conjunction with a traditional office chair. Poor posture, circulation, and back pain come from sitting for prolonged periods of time in the same position- by alternating between a regular and kneeling chair throughout the day, you are practicing active sitting that can greatly reduce these ailments.

• Improves posture • Helps relieve back pain • Quickly and easily adapts to your height • Available in several stylish colors to suit any home or office

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