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Ecolyte Fruits and Vegetables Disinfectant 1 Litre I 100% Natural Action, Removes Pesticides & 99.9% Germs With Pure Electrolyzed Water, Safe to Use on Veggies and Fruits, Nontoxic and Nonalcoholic

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ECOLYTE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES DISINFECTANT is a completely natural, healthy, and safe product, effective in killing 99.995% of germs in a few seconds, non-toxic, non-alcoholic, non-irritant, non-hazardous, eliminate odors, and one of the known powerful disinfectant.

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Ecolyte Fruits And Vegetables Disinfectant Spray is a completely natural, healthy, Non Toxic, Hypo allergenic, Non Alcoholic & safe Food Spray. It doesn’t have any artificial colors, scents, or flavors added to it. There’s nothing harsh – like hydrogen peroxide – and nothing that can trigger an allergic reaction. Because of this, it’s completely safe to spray directly on your fresh fruits and vegetables and spray even it in the freezer. Ecolyte Fruits And Vegetables Disinfectant spray kills germs instantly and prevents them from bacteria and germs. Use it to kill 99.995% of Bacteria! That means with just a single splash of this all-natural cleaning product on your fruits, vegetables or even dried food and toss it into the fridge. You’ll be making your food absolutely safer to consume with your family. Ecolyte Food sanitizer is the best fruit washer and increases the fruit quality. One of the other incredible things about this product is that it’s multi-purpose. Once you finish cleaning your loved fruit or slicing your fresh vegetable, you can use the ECOLYTE Fruits And Vegetables food Disinfectant to clean off the counter, cutting board, knives, or any other utensil that might have touched your fruits or vegetables. Use it as a Daily vegetable washer or veggie wash to keep your vegetable fresh and eliminate odors. Ecolyte disinfectant has been clinically tested and approved! It’s non-alcoholic, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. There are no pesticides or harmful chemicals in the cleaner. Instead, it’s an all-natural way to disinfect most important parts of your kitchen and veggie storages. Ecolyte Fruits And Vegetables wash make this sanitizer one of the known powerful disinfectant Spray. It is made from 100% Natural ingredients, Made with organic and raw material, Safe and efficient in removal of waxes, Odourless and tasteless, Removes pesticide residues, Removes surface contaminants and chemicals and dirt.

Store in a cool place Do not expose to direct sunlight. Keep it tightly close after use. Do not expose to a temperature of over 45°C. Please see the packaging for the batch number and expiry date

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