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Brand: MEDI

Medi Elbow Brace - Extension (0°) Up To (120°), One-piece, Comfortable And Simple To Wear For Appropriate Mobilisation

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MEDI EPICO ROMS ELBOW ORTHOSIS Elbow brace for therapy-appropriate mobilization of the elbow with simultaneous immobilization of the proximal radioulnar articulation.

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medi Epico ROMs is an elbow brace for appropriate mobilisation of the elbow as per therapy plan with immobilisation of the proximal radioulnar articulation. The flexion and extension stops are adjustable from extension (0°) up to (120°). The extended hand rest of the medi Epico ROM®s splint has comfortable soft material providing greater wearing comfort - even with massive swelling of the hand. The non-slip upper arm pads are simple to shorten, so that they mould themselves comfortably to the upper arm The brace fits securely and provides support in everyday life, during physiotherapy and during exercises. Indications: surgical fixation of the medial and / or lateral collateral ligaments conservative treatment of elbow dislocations surgical treatment of elbow fractures reconstruction of the ulnar or radial collateral ligaments surgical treatment of biceps or triceps ruptures treatment of radial head fracture (nonsurgical, postoperative) treatment following insertion of a prothesis distal humeral fractures (nonsurgical, postoperative) The hand rest prevents harmful rotation of the forearm. Bending and straightening of the arm can be easily adjusted to required range with the a hinge, which allows a therapeutically appropriate mobilisation of the joint. Therefore, the brace promotes the healing process and reduce pain on movement. The adjustable flexion and extension stops allow an early functional mobilisation of the elbow within a defined range of movement. the medi Epico ROM®s is also very comfortable to wear with lightweight material

Material components Aluminum, PU foam, Cotton Length of forearm (cm) S - up to 29 L- 29 - 42

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