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Brand: MEDI

Medi Knee Brace Adjustable For Multiple Orthopaedic Problems - Useful For Tendon / Ligament Injuries, Osteoarthritis Of Knee

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Rigid orthosis for varus/valgus pressure relief and stabilisation of the knee joint

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he M.4s OA is a rigid orthosis for the knee. Patients with a varus deformity (bow legs) mostly suffer pain on the inside of the knee, whereas a valgus deformity (knock knees) often leads to symptoms on the outside of the knee. With its relief mechanism close to the joint, the M.4®s OA makes it possible to relieve the knee joint. The 3-point pressure relief principle holds the joint in the correct alignment and prevents the leg from swinging out sideways into a painful malalignment: the pressure on the painful side of the joint is reduced. Thus, step by step, the patient can regain more mobility and activity in everyday life. At the same time, the 4-point principle of the M.4s OA knee brace stabilises the knee joint. M.4s OA is suitable for all indications that require unicompartmental relief based on the 3-point principle, physiological guidance and stabilisation based on the 4-point principle and, where necessary, a limitation of the range of movement of the knee joint, for example: Severe medial or lateral gonarthrosis (at least level III) combined with ligament instability Unicompartmental relief at serve gonarthrosis before HTO (brace test) Cartilage surgery or chondroplasty Meniscus intervention The rigid orthosis for the knee is characterised by its flat and lightweight aluminium frame construction. Thanks to the flat design, the M.4s OA can often be worn comfortably under clothing. It also has pads made of anti-slip material. Handling is made simpler and safer by numbered straps. Movable buckles support the proper fit on the leg. The comprehensive wedge set supplied with the M.4s OA knee brace enables an individual limitation of straightening (extension) or bending (flexion) as needed. Thanks to the comprehensive pad set, the brace can be adapted to the patient's needs. Movable buckles adapt automatically to movements and contribute to the proper fit of the brace on the leg.

Material components Avional, velours, polyester, PU foam

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