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Brand: MEDI

Medi Arm Sling Support Shoulder Immobiliser With Adjustable Strap For Fractured Bones, Broken Shoulder, Elbow, Arm Injury Recovery- Left/ Right Arm

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Shoulder support for positioning in internal rotation

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The medi arm sling is a support for securely positioning the shoulder and the elbow in internal rotation. To put the medi arm sling on, the forearm is positioned in the arm pouch. The strap that runs over the shoulder stabilises the arm and restricts the movement of the shoulder. The support can be adjusted individually to the arm length by turning back the forearm pouch. The easy opening of the pouch facilitates early functional follow-up treatment, such as physiotherapy. The medi arm sling can be used for all indications requiring immobilisation of the shoulder joint in internal rotation, such as: nonsurgical treatment after anterior shoulder dislocation and /or chronic subluxation after rotator cuff repair acromioclavicular joint dislocation (nonsurgical, postoperative) scapula fractures (nonsurgical, postoperative) fractures of the humerus head (nonsurgical, postoperative) The shoulder support serves to immobilise and protect the joint against harmful movements. Shoulder mobility is limited in all three planes. Therefore, the medi arm sling offers the possibility of a secure immobilisation of the shoulder. The support is easy to open for early functional follow-up treatment: exercises to promote the healing process are thus easier to perform. Furthermore, the wearer can put on and take off the support without assistance. The skin friendly material ensures it is comfortable to wear. The high-quality cushion material on the strap considerably increases comfort in wear.

Material components Cotton, Polyamide standard colour universal size

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